Breaking: Nasarawa Boils Again As Egburra Massacre 7 Bassa People  At A Road Block (See Photos)

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Rabiu Omaku

  • Sends SOS to President Muhammadu Buhari
Abdullahi Salisu (Lagos Boy) the caught on camera

Last week, there was an outbreak of violence at Shafan Abakpa  (Sopio) where it was rumoured that  Egburra mercenaries had gathered to launch one of the fiercest attacks on the Bassa.

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“Not less than seven Bassa’s were massacred in the encounter as men in full army uniforms with sophisticated weapons ran after our people, who are those men? Are they true or fake Nigeria soldiers? we believe these are fake soldiers under the guise of true Nigerian soldiers, These are mercenaries hired by the Egburra to wiped Bassa communities, said; “Gwatana Dogwood, the National Secretary Bassa Cultural and Development Union of Toto Local Government during a press conference held at Lafia.

He described the rumor making that Bassa killed soldiers as untrue; saying the crisis in Toto is between Egburra and Bassa but not Nigerian Army.

Dogwo said is a calculated attempt to stain Bassa communities so that soldiers would embark on military operations to sack our settlements.

“No wonder a helicopter was said to have hovered round Bassa remaining settlements, the Bassa still retain few settlements which are wrongly interpreted as hide-outs for those who attacked the Egburra, this misinterpretation is to set the Bassa for destruction. ”

Hassan Yusuf, the headmaster of Central Primary School, Ugya in army uniform

He called on the Buahri led government to look inwards on the Egburra propaganda and claims

The Bassa recommended that All roadblocks by Egburra bandits should be dismantled.

That the Bassa needs security presence, shelter, and clothing, also they said Military must effect free movement of the Bassa people in locations such as Umaisha, Ugya , Shafan Abakpa, Toto.

All electoral activities in Toto should be put on hold until peace returns to the land.

The government should address the issue and source of Egburra military uniforms and sophisticated weapons.

Appealing to governments at all levels to take decisive action to check the Egburra excesses in the ongoing killings.

It was learnt that a primary school headmaster was seen with an army uniform.

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