Beauty Queen Determines To Promote Local Tourism In Adamawa

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As the global community is celebrating the 27th of September every year as the World Tourism Day, set by the United Nations to raise awareness on the role of tourism within the international community and demonstrate how it affects social, cultural, political and economic values worldwide, Queen of Tourism Nigeria Worlds 2018, Favour Goodluck Havilah was not left out as she on Thursday visited one of the most celebrated tourism sites; The KIRI DAM in Shelling Local Government of Adamawa State to mark this day.


This year’s event was themed “Tourism and the Digital Transformation”. A unique opportunity to raise awareness of tourism’s actual and potential contribution to sustainable development through technological advances, including data, artificial intelligence, and digital platforms, on the map of sustainable development. Harnessing innovations and digital advances provide tourism with opportunities to improve local community empowerment and efficient resources management.


Queen Favour, who was accompanied by the Commissioner for Culture and Tourism, Mr. Nathan T. Magaji, Commissioner for Environment, Mr. Hamaji J. Bulus, Commissioner for Trade and Cooperatives, Mr. Mathias Ngaro, Former Miss Adamawa; Vivian Ibrahim, Former Miss Taraba; Eunice Sunday, Former Miss Comely Taraba; Gloria N. Pajo and other staff of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, said there is much joy in her as she visits this part of the state for the first time and seeing such an attraction which if properly invested in, would be recognized by the entire global community.


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She said, “The air there is fresh and the scenery is any selfie lover’s dream come true.”


“Adamawa is like an untapped goldmine with so much potential to discover but it is unfortunate that we have not developed it in the best way possible.”


The Kiri Dam according to the beautiful Queen, in addition, can serve as an electric power plant for Adamawa state, thereby reducing dependence on the National Power grid.


As the beauty queen applauds the Cultural Dance crew who entertained the tourists during the visit, she noted; “Organising events like this will attract the attention of even the international community as well as investors to help develop the tourism sector.


The Manager of the Tourist site, Mr. Umar Mohammed Wuro Chekki, who welcomed the team also noted the importance of the dam and the economic value it has to the surrounding villages. And the technicality of maintaining the water level at the upstream and downstream of the site, so as to avoid flooding.


A normal top level according to Umar is 600000 million cubic meter of water has to be in the reservoir if it goes above, communities around would experience flooding.


He said there is a 24/7 shift of staff to ensure it does not occur and to maintain water level.


The Tourism Queen and her team were entertained by the Kiri Cultural Dance crew and thereafter were taken for a boat cruising on the water.


In a closing remark, the Commissioner for Culture & Tourism on tourists thanked the management of the Kiri Dam and expressed his gratitude towards the effort of the management, stressing that the government is aware of the current state of the dam and that the government is working towards improving the standards of the tourism sites in Adamawa.

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