Bauchi South 2019: As The People Beckons Upon Alh Hussain Umar

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As the people closes into another round of elections come 2019, with its accompanying events characteristically bubbling with intrigues, gimmickry, political mudslinging and manoeuvres across the country, the centre stage appears ripe with huge significance to all and sundry. But of momentous stake is the Bauchi south senatorial district at the National Assembly. Bauchi south appears quite relevant in the national political space owing to its aura of great minds and the cream of leaders it has produced over the years both in public and private spheres. It has indeed produced men and women of outstanding credentials and social standing with national and international recognition. It is probably why its unique flair of politics usually appears attractive to observers.

Bauchi south senatorial district comprises of Bauchi, Toro, Dass, Tafawa Balewa, Bogoro, Alkaleri and Kirfi Local Government Areas, has no doubt produced sound minds that have excellently excelled at various capacities. The out come of their leaders mandates have relatively been impressive, to say the least. At the return of democracy in 1999 to date, Bauchi south senatorial district  have had less cause to lament over the activities and subsequent delivery of those that have occupied their seat at the National Assembly and other capacities. At the moment, the recent display of men gunning to occupy the Federal seats seem not to be disappointing by any means. Even at that,a good number of them posses the necessary requisite needed to occupy the coveted seat at the National Assembly.

By objective observation however, and given the present mood, expectations and general opinion of the  people of Bauchi south senatorial district Alh. Hussain Umar appears reliably relevant at the critical moment as a clear choice in the saddle. This is largely owed to his great philanthropist achievements, excellent ideals, social standing, practical virtues, impressive credentials and his people inclined manifesto.

Undoubtedly he appears kitted with the ideal social blend to match the wider expectations of the people of Bauchi south senatorial district. It is clear to many that his sojourn in public /private sectors over the years has proved to be solidly productive and beneficial to mankind.

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His Strides remain eloquent on the sand of time. An amiable man of sound virtues, with vast well of knowledge and experience in governance and society, Alh. Hussain Umar religiously upholds strong values of care, morality, modesty and humility.This humane philanthropist have over the years empowered a good segment of youths and women largely considered vulnerable. Most people attest of his rare virtues and sacrificial regardless of fellow  men who see him as a role model, a father, and a brilliant example to humanity.

Born on the day 15th of March, 1972  in Toro Local Government Area of Bauchi State under very strict tutelage and supervision of his Father, Umar. Little Hussain grew to deeply crystalline him self with the core teachings of Islam and its rewarding acts, which would bear in the latter part of his public life and political undertakings. He began his quest for knowledge at Ringi Primary School, from 1978 to 1984 where his young and curious mind was activated to prepared for the world ahead.

He then proceeded and gained admission into Government Teachers College Toro from 1984  to 1990 where he passed the SSCE in brilliant colours and was ready to launch into the deep.   Not satisfied with these academic feats, the young Hussain was admitted into Bauchi College of Art and Science from 1990 to 1991,after which he was admitted to study law at the University of Jos from 1991 to 1997, having bagged his LL.B degree at prestigious University of Jos. After one year mandatory service in 1997 to 1998.  The young Hussain enrolled at the Nigerian law School, Lagos and was subsquently called to the Nigerian Bar  in 2000.

His career in law started quite early as a counsel to the Chambers of Ochehe & Ochehe from 2000 to 2003, counsel to Ibrahim Umar &  co. from 2003 to 2004, and rose to become Senior counsel to Musa Yantah &  co. from 2004 to 2007.

From 2007 to date, he is the proprietor and  principal partner The Capital Law Office.

Alh. Hussain  Umar strongly driven by selfless service  whilst holding tight to his professional career which without doubt has translated to the benefit of mankind over the years remains firm to his beliefs. He is a Fellow Associete & Carilthon London, United Kingdom. Deputy Head Corporate & Commercial Section, Turks & Serhatt Ankera, Republic of Turky. Member Associete & Head of International Law & Corporate Matters Section @ Gultheriz & Salmon Law firm, Federal Republic of Germany and Chairman Noonttam Group.

With a strong connect with his people, Alh. Hussain  Umar understands primarily what constitutes the yearning of his people.

Though deep necked into the Nigeiran murky-watered politics with its gimmicks and deceits, Alh. Hussain Umar is pratically driven by love for humanity and the fear of God. Observers see him as one with the direct touch with his people having grown to taste the sweet and soured experiences of the down trodden, he understands how best to meet up with their yearnings and challenges.

A very consistent party faithful, a social mobilizer,. a team player, advocate of socialism and a firm believer in consensus views, he is consistent with practical democratic ideals geared towards benefiting mankind.

No doubt his private home and office are usually a Mecca of sort as people usually troop in, to seek one form of favour or another. Alh. Hussain  Umar by all factors desires to extend a touch of his profound magnanimity to his people at all times. For Bauchi south senatorial district, he appears to be the suitable choice as the people beckons upon him to represent them at the Upper Chambers of the National Assembly come 2019.

Written by Saint John.

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