Azare General Hospital, A Pestilence Trap

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The debacle condition of Azare General Hospital has been a thing of concern that needs urgent attention. This is because, since the establishment of the hospital in 2008, eight years after the then General Hospital has been handed over to the Federal Medical Centre Azare, the hospital facilitates its services the people of Azare and the neighboring communities of jama’are, Itas/Gadau, Giade, Shira and the host of others. But, since its establishment, the hospital has been abandoned and become a territory of mosquitos, flies and reptiles, yet a pestilence trap.

But, it is worrisome that the hospital which renders services to over a quarter population of the state, has been abandoned to become a mere pestilence trap, and runs the services with only two medical officers, few nurses, inadequate number of health assistants and watchmen. This is why the personnel of the hospital become overwhelmed, where on many occasion, unable to attend patients on emergency situation.

Part of the grotesque situation, is the pathetic condition of the electricity. This situation forces the hospital management to shut down some services, because of the deficient power supply, and the hospital has no auxiliary generator to facilitate the services. That is why operation in the hospital becomes a risk job to the personnel and the management. Records have shown that, since the establishment of the hospital, there has been several operations, but only few were able to achieve without power interruption.

Another ugly situation of the hospital is that the sanitary services which is essential to health, because this service too, has been deficient in the hospital. Evidences have shown that, the facilities in the hospital are inadequate to maintain the toilets, water boreholes, electricity and fumigate the surrounding to be safer from contaminating with the diseases. This is why the hospital always relapses to a mere trap of epidemics and endemics diseases.

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Finally, I appeal to the Government, authorities, politicians, and anybody concerned to quickly intervene and stitch in time to saves the nine, in order to rescue over a quarter population of the state from the disaster.

May Allah Save Us, Ameen!

Mohammed Datti, (Falke)Kofar Gabas, Azare.

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