Adamawa Sunday Killings: How Nigerian Security Agencies Failed To Protect Lives And Properly

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Tom Garba

The Sunday killings of over 60 People in Four villages of Girei LGA of Adamawa State is beginning to unravel the real cause of the attacks, all blames were out rightly shifted to Security agencies of their failure to protect live and property.

According to findings made by our correspondent, it revealed that all security agencies in the state were properly briefed when locals got the wind of the well coordinated attacks in their respective communities.

One of the community’s stakeholder and a popular politician in the state who pleaded for his name not to mentioned said: “We smelled evil the last two weeks on how these Fulanis were sharing kola nut and were told they were making serious consultations but within and outside the state, the few Fulani residing in our areas have suddenly migrated to an unknown place and normally if you see a Fulani Man behaving this way is definitely a bad omen.

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“We all had a meeting with the relevant village authorities and decided to communicate with all the security agencies concerning the impending coming attacks. My Brother like joke, like play the attacks claimed the lives of many people and property worth millions of Naira were destroyed”.

A community Youths mobilizer who also sued to be anonymous revealed that even some of the Fulani senior citizens also got wind of the attacks and also informed the security but they security failed to give them protection.

Findings also revealed that the Fulani came for a pay back over how the communities has been badly treating them.

There is still tension in those Areas as virtually all the people has  left for fear of another attacks to more secured environment.

The state Government in a visit to those ravaged communities have since condoled those affected, as well as ordered the State’s Emergency Management Agency and all the relevant rescue organisations to intensify their efforts in those affected villages as all needed relief materials will be provided by the Government.

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