Adamawa State House Of Assembly Closure; A Disgrace To Democracy And Our State- Musa Kamela By Tom Garba, Yola

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A public commentator and a former Commissioner of Information during Governor Murtala Nyako led administration, Alhaji Bubakari Musa Kamela has condemned in strong term the way and manner the executive and the legislative arms of government are disgracing and embarrassing the people of Adamawa state with impeachment threats over selfish ambitions.
The spokesman of the former Lagos State Military Administrator, Buba Marwa, lambasted Governor Bala James Ngilari and the Speaker of the state House of Assembly, Alhaji Umaru Fintiri for allowing their personal interest to over shadow the interest of the people of the state which led to the closure of the state Assembly for over a month.
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Kamela said the act denied the people of the state their right and the right of the lawmakers whom they have entrusted with the responsibilities of representing and defending the right of their electorates with good laws and Bills that will bring rapid development in the state.
“Is a big shame to our Governor and the state house of Assembly speaker to drag their name and their respective offices to the public disgrace, the carrier of the state symbol of authority which they end up denting because of their selfish ambitions and interest?
“Under normal circumstances Bala and Fintiri who happened to come from the same LGA speaks the same tribe language should be more united to even work better to develop the Madagali area and the state at large but only threats of impeachment saga is what they had given us In the state,” Musa said.
It could be recalled that Rt Hon Umaru Fintiri was instrumental in using the state lawmakers to impeached Governor Nyako alongside his deputy, Bala Ngilari last year.
It could now be seen that the axe of impeachment in Adamawa state is swinging toward the seat of speaker of the state, if Bala is fast enough to achieve the purported plan otherwise there is a going back of the same axe to the Executive or Fintiri will go away free with over one month closure of the House of Assembly as it remain only few days to the elapse of their tenure.

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