Adamawa Governor Ngilari Suspends Numan Council Chairman By Tom Garba, Yola

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The Adamawa state Governor Barr Bala James Ngilari has suspended the Chairman of Numan LGA over gross misconducts he committed.
The suspension was  made by the office of the secretary of the State Government, Hon Ibrahim Welye.
In the letter that announced the removal of the Numan Chairman,Alhaji Usman Mohammed which order him “to hand all government properties to the permanent secretary the council with immediate effect”
His removal was connected  with swindling of huge amount of money from the treasury  of the local council.
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It would be recalled that Hon Usman was believed to be an imposed vice chairman  to the people of Numan LGA who are predominantly Christians and there was no history of Christian/Muslim Ticket since the inception of the council.
Mohammad automatically became the next council Boss after the demised of Hon  Napoma George
Nyako administration brought in Usman to balance up the ever yearning of the Muslims indigenes living in Numan LGA that were relegated at the back drop.

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