A Calculated Attempt To Exclude The Itsekiri From The Amnesty Programme

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We the Itsekiri amnesty beneficiaries are disappointed over the management of the Presidential Amnesty Programme by Hon. Kingsley Kuku, Special Adviser to the President and the Chairman of the Programme, as it relates to Itsekiri beneficiaries.
It is on record that while the Itsekiri beneficiaries were not able to travel for our various studies/trainings overseas in September 2014 due to the excuse of non-availability of funds by the Amnesty office, the Ijaws were sent for their studies/training. As peace loving people, we waited and deferred our admissions to January/February 2015. Unfortunately up-till-date, we are yet to get our sponsorship letters and other documents necessary to make the trip and no response from the office so far.
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Our patience and peaceful disposition should not be taken for granted as we will no longer tolerate excuses and intimidation.
We therefore, call on the President, National Assembly and other relevant authorities to intervene as it is clear that a script is been played to deliberately exclude the Itsekiri out from the programme.
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Peter Tidi      Bokhan Otone

Chairman      Secretary

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