788 IDPs From Chibok In Various Camps Outside Yola Cries Out For Help From Government

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By Tom Garba, Yola

nigeria-idp-reliefThere are still depressing stories of internally displaced persons (IDPs) coming out from the corners of many people within and outside Adamawa state, telling how many IDPs are facing  lots of challenges as a result of been displaced.

The stories came up after a Non Governmental organisation known as Agaji global unity foundation conducted a research and found out that over 788 IDPs whose camps are outside Yola were discovered to be in serious needs and support without seeing any from the government agencies, NGOs or individuals.

The research showed that the displaced persons are mostly from Chibok, Michika, Hong, Madagali and Gwoza. These IDPs are discovered to be camping in Ngawa a community of Jera/Bakari ward in Girei LGA, Noine village in Gereng ward of Girei LGA and Shelleng of Adamawa State.

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They report also shown that the IDPs have been in those communities for over ten months with nobody knowing of their existence in those area.

Seeing how they are neglected and sidelined much effort were made by the IDPs to rescue their lives from the sorry situations they found themselves, they resulted to formally contact the authorities concern.

Mallam Abuja Madu, Mr Bitrus Dauda and Pastor  Ishaya kabala who are the leaders of the affected camp. When  contacted by our  correspondent they shown to him  an application letter addressed to the Executive Secretary, Adamawa state Emergency agency (ADSEMA) on the 23th May, 2015 seeking for food and none food assistance.

The letter which was formally received by Dorcas B Tarfa an official of the agency on the 25th May,2015, however up to date no any single assistance was given by the agency or any NGO in the name of help or support.

Abuja added that in ” we live with my fellow IDPS, it is a scourge of life of various degree of suffering we see. As I am talking to you there is a woman with a terrible cancer situation in our camp, nobody to help us bring her to Yola for treatment, we go on doing menial jobs with our children to survive after trekking about twenty  to thirty kilometres to get to where we can work”.

“Please my brother help me tell them that they should come to our rescue else we will die” .Madu cried

It is all the same heart touching and disgusting experience stories by Ishaya kabala and Bitrus Dauda who they both laments how IDPs are getting attack by incurable sicknesses crying for urgent attention by the government

“Since we’ve been into this place as a result of Boko Haram attacks joy and peace have eluded us, it is bitterness and suffering that has being our food, we are begging the government and other well meaning Nigeria to please come and help us so that we will not die” .They said

The secretary of Agaji global unity foundation, Mr Christopher Andrew Jallo Tambo, said that the NGO that went on a survey research to ascertained either the IDPs have really being taken care of by the hundreds of food or none food items trooping in to the state to relieve them of the pains.

Jallo said that no single pure water was given to any of the IDPs not to talk of food items and the research is ongoing as there could be much possibilities of undiscovered hide out of IDPs somewhere in the state.

All effort to contact the Executive Secretary of the ADSEMA through a telephone call prove abortive as all his lines at one time were ringing and no one is picking and at other times saying not” reachable” at the time of filling in this report.

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