20 Year-Old Nigeria’s Suleiman Atta Wins Welsh X Factor

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Suleiman Atta, a 20 year old Nigerian, who could also be seen as a new kid in the Nigeria musical industry has won the Welsh version of the X factor with an original song composition that he wrote two hours before the grand final of the competition.
Attah who is studying Music Technology at Coleg Llandrillo Music Technology in Wales, won the first prize against 21 other finalist at the Welsh factor, Wales largest Talent competition.
Atta, while speaking with this medium expressed joy and appreciation to his family for allowing him, due to his love for music, to abandon his course in Medicine to study music in Coleg Liandrillo Music Technology.
“Before I went into music, I was studying Medicine in Ghana, because Medicine was what my parents wanted for me, but, I wanted to achieve my dreams in music. I love music so much, because, it inspires me.
“I also hope to inspire people through my music even though I loved medicine, I had passion for music and with support from members of my family I left medicine for music and today am happy I did because music is where my passion lies.
“Winning this big competition is like a dream come true for me, even though I never believed I could, but, I did and am glad I did. Two hours to the grand final of the competition, I told myself I needed to be different, I need to be original if I must win this competition. So, there and then, I composed a song titled “Viexen the female folks” and that was the winning song. I never believed it but it was real” he explained.
Rekiya Atta, mother to Suleiman, who is also in the entertainment industry, Nollywood, expressed satisfaction that her son is on the verge of making her family proud,  saying that although, she had always looked forward to see her son become a Medical Doctor, but that she is happy to see her son’s musical dream coming to pass.
“He has always wanted to go into music, but, I refused even though the pressure was high from him, his aunts and uncle. I still insisted he must study Medicine, because, he was good in Sciences, so I sent him to a school in Ghana where he started studying Medicine.
“Then, suddenly he called me from Ghana and said mum, ‘you know I love Physics so well, but, anytime I am in that Physics class, all I am doing is creating beats in my head.’ At that point, I realized that I needed to let him follow his dream and passion, instead of insisting he must study Medicine.
“So, I gave up and decided to send him to a music school, where he can have a Degree to add value to his talent, not just doing it on the streets and today he is making the whole family and his country proud. I am proud of him, for emerging winner in the big competition in a foreign land. I am happy that my decision to allow him go into music was not a mistake” Rekiya explained.
Also speaking, Suleiman’s uncle, Ibrahim Habib, urged parents to always allow their children follow their dreams, by giving them the needed support.
“Suleiman has always loved music right from childhood, and some time when he sings, it makes me cry, because I always see a great singing talent in him. So, when he came up with idea of going into music, I knew it was something he would succeed greatly in, so I gave my full support.
“Even though his mum resisted initially, she had to give up at some point and today, Suleiman he is doing very well. I would like to plead with parents to allow their children follow their dreams, and support them, then, they will discover that their child will do well in that field and even impact lives positively,” he said.
Ms. Bilikisu Ibrahim, Suleiman’s aunt, explained that the government of Nigeria needs to put more effort in supporting the music industry, “In Nigeria today where most parents see music as a place where responsible people should not go, you find little or no child going into music even though the passion for it is there. Today, music has taken over the entertainment industry and we can all see how Nigeria musicians are making the country proud all over the world, just like Suleiman has done.”

Suleiman has so far written over 200 songs, he was also awarded a trophy and a cheque of £500 and will now be joined by nine of the other top scoring finalists on a Welsh Factor tour of Wales in the New Year.

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